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We offer a variety of metal brushcutter blades. These blades are designed to be hard-wearing and working, for cutting through dense vegetation, branches and small tree trunks with ease. If you expect to be taking on such work in your garden or open area, you will need a machine that is compatible with such metal blades. While most machines come with both a single blade and nylon line trimmer head, allowing you to switch between two jobs easily, the following blades can be applied for more variable tasks. To check their compatibility, simply follow each link for information on accepted models. We offer a variety of blades for various machines such as Stihl, Husqvarna and Makita.

We offer many grass cutting blades for removing tough weeds and rough grass, in various sizes for your Stihl machine – from 230mm to 255mm, with both 2 and 4 teeth. Several three-toothed brush knife blades in steel are also available for your Stihl machine, for sizes 250mm – 350mm; these are ideal for cutting tough, tangled weeds or spiny hedges and thick scrub, or simply for mowing large areas of tough grass. A two-toothed brush knife blade is available at 305mm, which is ideal for removing solid, overgrown vegetation. Likewise, a steel shredder blade with two teeth is available for thinning and shredding tough scrub and thorny hedges.

If you are looking for circular saw blades, we have multiple choices for your Stihl machine. We have steel scratcher tooth circular saw blades, available with 44, 48 and 80 teeth respectively. The scratcher design is best applied for clearing and cutting gnarled bushed and thin tree trunks; these attachments are primarily designed for mid to high power range cutters. Comparatively, steel chisel-tooth saws are also useful attachments for woody bushes, thin tree trunks and sawing, ideal for mid to high power cutters. We have attachments available with chisel teeth in both 200mm and 225mm sizes, in 22 and 24 teeth variations. For a more rugged tool, we have a carbide tipped circular saw blade in 225mm with 36 teeth. This is ideal for dry, sandy areas and for cutting at ground level.

If you are using a Husqvarna machine, we have a 225mm saw blade with 22 teeth for clearing thick vegetation. Alternatively, our Makita machine stock consists of a 3 tooth, 9″ blade for thinning and removing touch grass or thorny bushes.