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Radmore and Tucker understand what every arborist and gardener needs. They ensure that every product launched into the market is perfect for your use. With this in mind, Radmore and Tucker came up with some measuring and marking tools to assist the precision of arborists and forestry experts.

It is essential to find out exactly which precision measuring tools an arborist and forestry experts require.
1. Marker spray- this spray is used to mark trees. The mark is used to indicate that the tree is required to be cut or let alone according to the forest management plan.
2. Marking chalk- perform the same function as the marker spray. They stay visible for two-three months before degrading.
3. Measuring tree tape measure- it is used to measure the diameter of the tree mainly its chest and breast height. It gives a better accuracy to arborists and tree professionals looking to do cut down a tree or maintain it.
4. Scriber hook- it is used to mark lines on trees before cutting them. It is useful replacement for the chalk marks and sprays.Our measuring tapes are meagre in weight and come with release hooks that are up to 15mm long. Our marking tools like the marker spray are of high-quality, environmentally friendly and forest-resistant. They are also very visible and long-lasting even on frozen and damp surfaces. Our marking tools are also perfectly odourless.
We provide holders for all our marking out and measuring tools and design our holders with belt loops. It allows you to carry your marking instruments conveniently. For comfort, each holder comes with a padded and insulted back.
We also have leather tool belts that enable you to take you’re measuring and marking tools with around with you. For arborists who wonder how to carry their tree callipers conveniently, we have a tree callipers holder. It allows you to carry around your callipers with ease.
Finally, we have a flexible measuring tape that will enable loggers, arborists and other forest experts perform their duties better without worry of breaks.
To acquire more knowledge on our products, you can search for our measuring tape online or marking tools. Remember customer satisfaction is our top priority and we always strive to ensure we offer the absolute best to all our consumers.