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Fitting replacement strimmer heads is an easy and economic way of prolonging the life of a strimmer. We have in stock a wide selection catering for all the major brand names offering a range of sizes and capabilities. In particular, we have a large selection of Stihl strimmer heads that should cover every model. Petrol strimmer heads are versatile tools, providing the freedom to work unhindered by long cables and are especially useful when working in more remote areas. Stihl strimmer heads are manufactured to the highest quality and concentrate on being simple to use and maintain while providing excellent trimming results.

Regular garden maintenance that involves trimming and mowing, particularly of long grass, can be carried out by any of the strimmer heads. Available in a variety of sizes, each strimmer head is usually compatible with a number of models. Strimmer heads by Stihl offer double mowing lines of nylon in a range of sizes up to a diameter of 2.7mm. They offer versatile solutions to mowing small or large areas, trimming around garden furniture or objects and for edging lawns. The mowing lines on some of the more economic strimmer heads have to be extended manually. Other models feature the Tap N Go automatic system that lengthens the nylon mowing line by tapping the head on the ground while the strimmer is rotating. Correct cutting heights are also maintained automatically.

The new Duro Cut strimmer heads will appeal to amateur and professional gardeners alike, as they have been developed to make the refitting of mowing lines even quicker and simpler. Pre-cut lengths of extra strong serrated nylon mowing lines are simply threaded through and held securely in place. This is an innovative time and labour saving feature, as it dispenses with the need to dismantle the strimming head to wind on a long length of mowing line.

For extra cutting capacity, there is the option of strimmer heads with thermoplastic blades instead of nylon mowing line. Lightweight, simple to fit and easy to use, replacement Stihl strimmer heads are versatile, multi purpose tools with reliable features to deal with a host of garden maintenance chores, including trimming, mowing and edging lawns. They are also strong enough to clear large areas of stubborn weeds and long grass. Fitting replacement Stihl strimmer heads is a cost effective method of updating and maintaining the capabilities of an existing strimmer.