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Chainsaw safety trousers offer protection for your lower body and are one of the most important pieces of safety equipment you can wear when using a chainsaw. We have a variety of chainsaw trousers on sale including simple, cheap designs; trousers incorporating the latest, high-tech innovations; and specialist, dual-certified, Class 1, Class 2, and GO/RT high-visibility trousers which are suitable for railway and construction work.

Chainsaw protective trousers are lined with layers of tough aramid fiber. If the saw is comes into contact with the trousers, the fibers are pulled out by the chain and dragged into the sprocket, instantly jamming the saw and stopping the chain. Once stopped by the fibers, the chain is safe and will not pose any further threat, even if it then comes into contact with an unprotected part of the body.

Chainsaw trousers are rated either Type A, or Type C. Type A trousers offer front protection only and are principally designed for operators working at ground level. They are typically lighter and cooler than Type C trousers and some pairs, called chaps, are designed to be worn temporarily on top of normal work trousers. Type A trousers offer a good level of protection but are not suitable for all uses.

Type C trousers offer all-around protection and are particularly suitable for arborists who are working at height and in awkward positions. In combination with an approved pair of chainsaw boots, a pair of Type C trousers offer complete protection for your lower body. Some training providers, employers, and contractors may insist on a higher level of protection at all times so ensure that you carefully check any specifications you have been given to make sure that you get the best chainsaw trousers for your needs.

We have carefully chosen our range to offer the best mix of comfort, performance, safety, and value. As a specialist retailer with over sixty years of experience we are ideally placed to select only the best products and all of our trousers are approved by our in-house professionals. Our high-quality brands include Stihl, Husqvarna, Treehog, Pfanner, Arbortec, Oregon, Stein, and SIP. If you need any help choosing your next pair of trousers, our experts are standing by to offer advice over the telephone, via email, or in person in our shop.