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Although everyone enjoys birds there are some species that can become a nuisance in certain situations. Various problems can arise from their feeding, roosting and nesting activities which can damage property. They can also cause disruption to activities related to work or become a health and safety risk, either due to waste or aggressive behaviour. Our selection of bird scaring products can help ensure that you don’t have any of the above issues. From silent kite bird scarers to gas powered options, we have something no matter what size area you are trying to protect.

All birds in the UK are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 so no matter how small the species, they have the ability to bring any sort of project to a halt. This act makes it illegal to kill or injure a bird or move or destroy a nest so you need to take steps to ensure you try to deter them as much as possible, especially in industries such as property management or construction. If any nest is discovered on a site or building, all work will need to be stopped until any young have flown the nest. This can cause delays of up to 6 months which will be costly for any business.

Bird scarers are not only used in professional settings and industries, but also in the everyday garden. Blackbirds and crows can cause problems with any vegetable patches as they like to feast on fruits and vegetables. Silent bird scarers will help ensure you don’t end up falling out with your neighbours, so our kites and spinners will work perfectly.

For farmers you may need something on the larger scale, and the Portek gas powered bird scarer may be more suitable. It is a sturdy, purpose built gas gun built specifically with farmers in mind. It also has an amazing feature which enables you to remotely control it via Bluetooth with an IOS or Android smart device via the app.