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At Radmore and Tucker we offer a comprehensive range of the best two wheeled tractor implements available on the market today. With over 60 years experience providing top-of-the-range gardening and forestry equipment, we’re committed to making sure we supply our customers the products they need at the very best prices. So, if you’re after the right tractor implements to get the most from your two wheeler then we’ve got you covered. And remember, we can usually deliver within five working days; all part of an effort to make your life just that little bit easier.

At Radmore and Tucker you’ll find many tractor implements for sale, so whatever function you need your two wheeled tractor to perform, look no further. For instance, for those who need to plough, the BCS Reversible Plough is fully adjustable for depth and angle and is ideal for those needing to ‘winter over’ once the crop has been lifted. It’s a simple, efficient lever system which allows the operator complete control, even in difficult conditions. We also provide the BCS Cultivator Kit, which will fit your tractor perfectly, and offers an adjustable toolbar frame, complete with a Reversible Plough, an Adjustable Ridger and a Potato Lifter. With interchangeable implements that are easy to fit and remove, you’ll find it outstanding value for money.

So, if you’re in the market for two wheeled tractor implements, we like to think we’ve got everything you need right here. Our implements guarantee you’ll get the most from your tractor, like the BCS Stone Burier, which, once attached, leaves a fine, level tilth, meaning you’ll be able to turf and seed with no additional raking required. Or, the BCS Power Harrow attachment, which will prepare even the most uneven ground with an absolute minimum of fuss. In short, our range of implements for tractors is one you can rely on all year round. We’ve got an all-inclusive series of implements that will ensure you’re getting the most from your two-wheeled tractor, and all at prices that can’t be beaten anywhere else. Because after five decades in the business, we’re as dedicated as ever to making sure our customers get the finest gardening and forestry equipment available today.