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With a selection of vacuum and floor cleaners to suit both domestic and business purposes, our selection from trusted manufacturers such as Stihl ensures your money is well spent on a robust cleaner to last the job. Many have additional features to allow all those nooks and crannies to be cleaned quickly and thoroughly with minimal effort, including additional tools and attachments to suit the job.

There is nothing worse than spending time cleaning, only to finish and realise that the floors have been left streaky, or you need to spend time going over them again and again to get the results you want. By investing in a good vacuum, you can cut out time wasted on re-doing your cleaning. There are also a range of vacuum and floor cleaners to suit different budgets and purposes with the quality of cleaner guaranteed to last for many years.

Within our range of vacuum and floor cleaners, some are designed for specific jobs such as wet and dry jobs and surfaces with vacuums for hardwood floors, others with hard floor cleaner features and floor steam cleaners. Many also have filters to allow them to be cleaned quickly and remain hygienic and economical with little fuss. In addition to this they are designed for easy storage in between jobs.

Stihl are renowned for their trusted products including their top rated upright vacuums, hard floors cleaners and floor steam cleaners. It can be difficult to know what kind of cleaner would suit your needs with so many on the market and various ‘top 10 vacuums’ lists available with generic brands. However, from our selection you can buy in confidence knowing that we only sell the best of products.

Whether you are cleaning around your home or car, or for large clients in commercial properties or offices, there will be a vacuum cleaner or floor cleaner to suit the job in hand with peace of mind that it can be done properly first time round.