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Looking for a leaf blower to clear away those winter leaves, or maybe for helping move grass cuttings or other debris in the spring? Then look no further, Radmore and Tucker have you covered whatever your needs.
Radmore and Tucker specialise in petrol blowers and vacuums for both home gardeners and those who require a bit more power, and we can help you keep your garden tidy without hitting you in the pocket.

Petrol-powered garden leaf blowers and vacuums remove the need for cables to get rid of your garden waste, allowing you complete freedom in your garden. The petrol blowers and vacuums on sale have been selected to suit a range of budgets; many are also designed to be low-emission, quiet, and efficient, as well as packing power when you need it most.

With a mix of two-stroke and four-stroke engine models available, there's guaranteed to be one that will work for you, no matter how big your garden and what you're looking to do. These tools are just what you need to keep your garden trim and tidy all year round, while taking the strain of clearing up away from you!

Our products come with manufacturer warranties so you don't have to worry about things going wrong right at the start. Many of the backpack models also come with commercial-grade air filters, providing excellent operating times and trouble-free use throughout the product's lifetime. Some models also come with free ear muffs and glasses for that added bit of protection for you while using the garden leaf blower.

These tools have been specifically designed to help gardeners clear fallen leaves and grass away with the minimum of fuss, making clean-up jobs fast and leaving a professional finish every time. Whether for yourself or the gardener in your life, the petrol blowers sale from Radmore and Tucker will provide you with the best options for keeping your garden clean and tidy.