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A strimmer or a petrol brushcutter is an essential piece of kit if you are carrying out garden maintenance. Grass strimmers are one of the most versatile options on the market for stubborn grass that cannot be tackled with just a lawnmower. Our strimmers for sale give you the opportunity to really get your garden or plot looking neat and tidy. Brushcutters and strimmers can cut through thick and thin like steep ground, or ground studded with bushes and trees. Our petrol strimmers for sale can help you tackle even the most rough terrain.

Our strimmers and brush cutters will give you the option to get your plot mowed when a lawnmower just cannot manage it. Petrol grass strimmers are a great choice for anyone who is dealing with a plot that is littered with bush, shrub or incredibly stubborn weeds. Some of the reasons you may choose one of these may be:
You cannot use a standard mower to mow the area. Stubborn weeds or shrubbery will ruin a standard lawnmower and it is also unlikely a standard lawnmower will be effective at removing them.
They are portable. Our petrol grass strimmers for sale do not have any cables or wires and can be taken and used anywhere. Cheap strimmers are easy to find but petrol grass strimmers like the ones on our site are a much better option for those who need to move around.
They are great for the little details. A grass strimmer's petrol lasts really well so as well as using it for those hard to tackle areas you may want to use it to also tidy up edges.

If you are looking for  garden strimmers it is likely that you are only just dipping your toes in the water of professional garden maintenance or you are a hobbyist who needs a better solution than manual tools so you need to choose based on your needs.
What is your budget? We have many brand names of petrol strimmers for sale that do the job without breaking the bank.
Usage? Our streamers and brush cutters for sale range from models that will tackle stubborn shrub to models that are used to tidy up edges. Pick what one suits your needs and then move up in the future if you need to.
Storage? All of our grass strimmers for sale are easily stored and do not take up much shed space.