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A Kombi Engine helps boost the power of your current equipment. It could be a lawnmower, professional contractors equipment, any machinery that runs on a huge motor. It also acts as a larger fuel tank for your garden equipment and machinery. The Kombi Engine can act as a versatile engine unit for a pruner, hedge trimmer and leaf blower among others. Finally, the Kombi Engine assists in ensuring your equipment is continually running to avoid delays and stops while working.

Kombi Engines are lightweight and easy to transport around even on those tough contract jobs. Here at Radmore and Tucker, we have a vast selection of Kombi Engines to choose from. There is the Oregon PH600 36v Cordless Multi-Attachment Powerhead and the Stihl KM56 RC-E Kombi Engine among others. We also have various Kombi Engines for sale from Stihl as we are one of their official online distributors.

The Kombi Engines we have for sale come at an affordable price to make sure we have options for all budgets. They are also very efficient in acting as engine attachments to lawnmowers and pruners amongst others. For professionals who use chargeable engines in their equipment, the Kombi Engine provides a necessary power back up plan to avoid delays due to lack of engine power.

We offer Kombi Engines with large fuel tanks that help improve your equipment run time. Most of our Kombi Engines for sale have an ErgoStart system that ensures no flooding happens to the engine unit and we also have cordless engine units that help to deliver power and allows you to switch from trimming the grass to pruning your trees in a matter of seconds.