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With the kombi attachments, you can create a versatile handheld tool that will be useful for a very long time. These additions are something professional gardeners, homeowners and tree experts can appreciate.
The kombi attachment selection includes Stihl angled Gearhead, Stihl FCS-KM Straight Shaft Lawn Edge Attachment among others. We at, Radmore and Tucker can guarantee the Stihl kombi attachments are of top-quality and useful for an extended period.

All our Kombi Attachments are of the highest quality. We stock Stihl kombi compatible attachments, among others, which you can use to combine with tools like a lawnmower and a saw to give your machinery ultimate usefulness. Each Stihl Kombi tool attachment has an input safety precaution to ensure that you are safe while handling it.

We have a diverse selection of attachments to choose from that are efficient in assisting you edge along pathways and planting beds, and a majority of our Kombi Attachments are adjustable to suit your preferred height and distance while in use.