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A strimmer is an extremely useful tool, but to be used to its maximum potential a strimmer harness is essential. We supply a wide range of strimmer harnesses for all types of strimmer. A good harness will allow you to operate more safely and efficiently. Whether you are a professional landscape gardener or an enthusiastic amateur, a fully adjustable, strimmer harness will significantly increase your level of comfort when using the strimmer..

Back stress is a common problem with strimmer use and a harness for a strimmer will reduce this, as the weight of the strimmer is more effectively distributed. Wrist, arm and shoulder strain are also minimised as the strimmer harnesses are fully adjustable. The user can adapt the harness to the type of strimmer being used, the working environment and the physical attributes of the actual user. Once adjusted properly, the strimmer harness will give a more balanced feel to the strimmer. The operator will be able to work more safely, with more accuracy and for longer periods.

To buy a strimmer harness is to make an investment that will pay dividends in reduced user fatigue and a consequently greater work output over time. We offer a wide range of strimmer harnesses to suit our equally wide range of strimmers. Depending on the type of strimmer, we sell a number of types of harnesses to suit. A cordless strimmer, for example would require a different harness to a petrol strimmer. A suitable harness for a petrol strimmer would offer a support cushion, protecting the user from the weight of the strimmer resting on the hip area. A good petrol strimmer harness would also balance the weight of the strimmer completely and the fully adjustable straps would allow flexibility.
The intended use of the strimmer would also dictate the type of harness required. Forestry or commercial landscaping may require a strimmer harness to allow continued use over extended periods, or to allow long reach activities. The more occasional user might require one of our standard strimmer harnesses that will still make the experience of using a strimmer so much more strain and fatigue free.
Please look at our wide range of strimmer harnesses to find the product that is best suited to your needs. A strimmer harness will make strimming so much more comfortable that it really must be considered an essential purchase.