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Whether you are looking for a coupling link for your pulley system or for rock climbing, security comes first when choosing a karabiner. At Radmore and Tucker, we value your safety. For this reason, we ensure that we supply the highest quality karabiners and maillons for your domestic and professional needs. Our prices are competitive, and you can count on our delivery-efficiency attribute to get the product to your home. If you are from the UK mainland, for orders over £100, we will do the delivery absolutely free.

We are a quality-driven brand that supplies a range of product options for your coupling needs. Popular tools and accessories that you can order from us include the Maillon Rapid, Stein, Treehog, and ISC brands.
Our karabiner products are lightweight and enjoy excellent breaking strengths of over 25kn. The maillons come in arrange of shapes such as oval and semi-circular, and you can choose the shape that impresses you, and one that is effective for your pulley system. These karabiners are convenient for a majority of hitch system. The steel links are elastic in performance, and they can accommodate up to three-way loading.Our karabiners are excellent in design. This is because they are original brands from the manufacturers. You can enjoy galvanized steel and aluminium maillon options. This guarantees the durability of the accessories. At the end of it all, you buy accessories that give you long-term service. Because your security is our primary focus, you get to use the tools knowing that you are safe.There is no doubt that our maillons are top class and effective for use with different pulley systems. With our products, you get the best performance and cost-effective services.