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Rigging karabiners are used in forestry and other industries to create secure climbing holds for work personnel. In forestry, these karabiners can be used as part of a greater rigging scheme to climb to the top of large trees, brush it out, and remove both limb and base wood intact.

These karabiners are specifically intended for arborist use. An arborist is someone who maintains or modifies trees or prepares them for proper cutting. As such, these karabiners can be used to safely climb trees without damaging them, allowing an arborist to remove brush or unwanted limbs, retrieve stray kites or other objects, or perform other routine arboriculture tasks.

Many karabiners, including those sold here, are made of steel, as it is a strong material suited for holding human weight and resistant to wear and tear. Karabiners of other materials exist, but most rigging karasbiners used in arboriculture are steel, where that material is available.

Each karabiner is generally only part of a set, and the karabiners sold here include both two- and three-way karabiners for different forestry purposes. Karabiners of this type can also be used for climbing other natural surfaces such as rock, but these particular karabiners are designed for trees and perform most effectively when used as part of a forestry operation.

They can also be used domestically, with proper training and caution, to trim, mend or cut trees on one's own property, or to help a friend with trees in their garden or on their land. Note again that karabiners alone do not provide proper security to a climber, and other forestry equipment will be necessary.