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Our range of lawnmower parts and accessories are a great way of giving your lawnmower a new lease of life. We have a selection of parts and accessories for any mower including petrol, battery and corded models. At some point you will need to replace your mower blades so we can help you with that, and we can also provide accessories to improve the functionality of your already, reliable machine.  Our range includes everything from replacement blades, service kits, mulching kits and plugs, the list is endless, so whether you are a reluctant gardener or a keen green fingered professional, we have everything you will need to help keep your garden and lawn in top shape.

Most lawnmowers have a grass clipping boxes that will collect the grass as you mow and empty when needed. If you get fed up of having to empty the grass as you go, you could consider a mulching plug. This will circulate beneath the cutter deck and instead of any clippings going into a collection box, they get chopped into tiny particles which are then blown right down into the base of the lawn where micro-organisms then aid their rapid decomposition. Recycling your clippings in this way is great for your lawn as it returns nitrogen and other valuable nutrients to the soil, saving you money on artificial fertilisers. You can purchase mulching plugs for a wide range of mowers but please check they are compatible before you purchase a new machine.

Having sharp blades when you mow your lawn will ensure that you are not doing more harm than good. Lawnmower blades will need to be sharpened or replaced regularly to optimise the performance of your machine. Cutting your grass with blunt blades will make it a time consuming task, whereas using a mower with sharp blades will ensure you get a neat, clean cut and a perfect finish.

At Radmore & Tucker we only supply high quality genuine parts from well-known brands such as Stihl, Makita & Husqvarna so you know you are getting the best for your money. If you can’t find what you are looking for on our website or you’re not sure what mower and accessories will best suit your needs, please call our customer service or parts department who will be happy to assist you.