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All our rigging kits are made with years of expertise behind them. That is why we provide rigging combos that are job-specific. Moreover, we also stock spare parts for our rigs, as well as the necessary maintenance requirements. From blocks to help you lower heavy loads to spicks for giving you a steady foothold as you climb, our shop stocks all that you need.

For our customers whose career involves tree climbing and others who enjoy climbing as an outdoor activity, our shop offers all you need at very competitive prices. For the safety of climbers, we offer various types of ropes cords and lanyards. So, whether you need lightweight yet strong cords for your harness or a heavy duty rope for raising or lowering heavy loads, give us a call.

Our rigging kits range from those used in rescue operations to mountain climbing equipment. What’s more, we also offer first aid kits. The accessories used in climbing include gear that can be used to lower wood and other loads. We offer varied pulley systems that take the effort out of raising or lowering loads. All these equipment is made with the highest quality materials for enhanced safety and prolonged usage.

When you need to raise tree limbs, our pulley systems and rigging lines are up to the task. Built for strength and giving you the mechanical advantage that allows you to lift heavy loads with the least use of muscle, our equipment does the hard work for you. Lowering tree branches is hazardous at the best of times. With spur spar rigging, however, we eliminate the uncontrolled swinging of the branches as they head to the ground. The impact on the ground is also minimised. This results in better and safer removal of unwanted wood.

For the climber to carry out his work safely, we provide padded harnesses that stand out for their sturdy build. These have the necessary rings for rope or cables to go through. We also sell top belts to hold all the necessary tools of your job. We also provide superior storage facilities for your equipment so that it does not compromise on safety. This is because we understand the implications of a frayed rope or rusty carabiners to a climber. Our nylon dynamic ropes are there to arrest your fall should you be unfortunate enough to experience one. All in all, we provide a wide array of rigging equipment that is based on a solid reputation and years of experience.