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This is a brand of saws made by UM: KOGYO, INC. It is a Japanese company that has been in this industry for almost a century. They manufacture a broad spectrum of saws, ranging from small folding to heavy-duty pole saws. Their saws are properly crafted tools that cannot be compared to any hardware saw in terms of performance, ease of use and durability. You will find a variety of these saws from their wide selection; whether you are looking for camping, hiking or carpentry tools.

There are various things that make silky saws stand out. These include durability- their blades are guaranteed to last 2-3 times longer than your usual saw blades and these are Laser-cut blades- every silky saw has their blades made from a one of a kind steel alloy. The blades also have impulse-toughened teeth. This makes them last longer. They also come with comfortable rubber handles that help in minimising vibration and are desirable while working while wearing gloves. These saws come with a plastic sheath to keep your blades protected when you are not using the tool.

Silky Pole Saws – Most of these saws are of either fixed or adjustable lengths. The latter tends to be less stable and don’t last long. However, Silky has modified their pole saws by making adjustable ones that are more durable and easy to adjust. The saws are ideal for pruning purposes and maintenance work. These pole saws help simplify the task of pruning branches that would usually require you to climb or use a ladder to reach them.

Silky Folding Saws – These are very popular as they help speed the cutting process while ensuring you achieve precision in trimming your trees. They are usually lightweight and can fit into your pocket. You will always find a silky folding hand saw that has the correct teeth for the right task. They also come in different sizes to meet everyone’s’ needs.

Silky Sheathed Saws – These are usually used in cutting larger tree branches. They tend to be very strong and flexible and come with rubber hand-grips to help absorb any vibration during the cutting process. Their perfectly designed hand-grip and balance ensure you get cutting branches without having to exert too much effort.

Silky has, for many years, striven to maintain the highest quality when it comes to their products. Their saws have managed to gain a good reputation from satisfied clients. This is because Silky uses a process that has been ISO 9001 certified and meets recognised excellent standards. You can feel the quality of their products with every cut you make with their saws. To top it up is a limited lifetime warranty against any material defects on all their saws.