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Brushcutters are flexible and reliable solutions to gardening and pruning, with a number of attachments available for you to craft your brushcutter into a multipurpose gardening tool. Here at Radmore & Tucker, we supply a variety of attachments for brushcutter devices, with a reliable stock ready for use on Stihl, Honda and Echo machines. Before you get started, it is useful to know the kind of attachment — its functionality and compatibility — you are after. In our collection of hedge trimmer and brush cutter attachments, we have listed the model numbers so that you make the right decision; simply click the link to discover each attachment's device and model suitability.

Some of the more popular attachments for brushcutters remain extensions for pruning and trimming hedges. These allow you to keep your hedges and bushes neat, whilst overcoming the need for a standalone device. As many gardeners know, regular trimming of hedgerows and shrubs is an important part of horticulture, preventing your garden from shrinking with visible space and transforming overgrown bushes into an oasis of calm. These attachments allow you to quick and effortlessly cut through those wild and chaotic branches.

For your Stihl device, we have two options: a hedge trimmer and pole pruner attachment. These help transform your brushcutter or cleaning saw, so that you can trim your trees and hedges from the ground with ease. Both are fashioned out of hard-wearing steel and are quiet, lightweight, powerful and easy to operate. The pruner is designed with a cutting length of 30cm and the hedge trimmer has a gear angle of 0° and a cutting length of 50cm.

Lastly, we have an Echo device attachment for trimming hedges, trees and hedgerows. The Echo HCAA-2400A has a hardened steel blade of 45cm, reciprocating on either side. It allows for 120° articulation so that you can even clear undergrowth from a standing position.