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At Radmore & Tucker we’re very proud of our extensive range of Blade Fixing Kits, carrying the very best brands at extremely competitive prices. We offer fast and efficient delivery to the UK mainland, so when it comes to maintaining your blade you’ll find everything you need right here. All our products are tough, durable and finished to the highest industry standards, and play a crucial role in keeping your equipment in peak condition long after its purchase date. For over half a century we’ve provided the very best in garden and forestry equipment, and, as such, understand how important it is for these products to be cared for properly, saving you time and money in the process.

In order to successfully attach a blade to your Stihl brushcutter or trimmer, for instance, you’ll want to take a look at our selection of Thrust Washers and Blade Nuts. All at prices we’re sure you’ll appreciate, our range is extensive enough to ensure you won’t have to look elsewhere. Similarly, should you need a Rider Plate, we’ve got just what you’re after.

These products mean your trimmer or cutter working safely and efficiently, allowing you to get on with the job in hand with the absolute minimum of fuss. And when it comes to being easily able to change blades, the Stihl Metal Blade Fixing Kit is compatible with all Stihl metal blades except the circular. This kit allows you to quickly switch up blades as the job requires, saving you time and energy.

Another firm favourite is the Stihl Shredding Kit for Clearing Saws. Again, this top-of-the-range design puts the emphasis on easy adaptability, doing most of the hard work for you.

So for the very best in Blade Fixing Kits, check out our selection and see if we’ve got the right one for you. Our commitment to quality means you won’t find better anywhere else, and all at the most competitive prices the market has to offer. And because the very best products deserve the very best in maintenance, here at Radmore & Tucker we’ve got all those little extras that mean getting the most from your gardening equipment.