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What are some of the major concerns expressed by forestry professionals and arborists? Topics such as safety at heights, the efficient storage of tools and a secure footing will often be touted. These metrics are not to be taken lightly and when personal protection is important, industry experts choose the line of karabiners you will find here at Radmore & Tucker. These high-strength clips are the best in the business and each is associated with its very own unique benefits.

The principles behind a karabiner (or carabiner) are rather simple. These metallic clasps are utilised to quickly connect or remove components within safety-critical systems. In regards to forestry and other tree-related services, karabiners are often employed to securely hold tools and other common implements so that they can be accessed when necessary.

Modern versions are lightweight and extremely durable. They can stand up to the harshest of elements and their locking mechanisms will remain intact at all times. This is obviously an important concern when dealing with potentially hazardous items such as chainsaws or axes. Every karabiner supplied by Radmore and Tucker has been designed with reliability in mind. Users will also be pleased to know that some of the most recognised names in the forestry industry are provided. These include Husqvarna, Stein, Treehog and ISC.

When safety matters, these units are built to last. The majority are constructed from high-strength aluminium, so they are able to provide an ample amount of support while still exhibiting a lightweight nature. Many are coloured with specific schemes. This enables each individual karabiner to used for a different purpose. When working at heights, choosing the right shackle is extremely important. Other amenities include an anodised finish, the inclusion of a screw gate (on select models) and anti-snag properties in the event that the karabiner will be utilised to support the weight of a worker.

The humble karabiner is an essential component within the kit of any forestry professional. Radmore and Tucker offers a wide range of options and each unit is competitively priced. Please take a closer look at our selection and if you have any questions, a representative will be happy to help.