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Long Reach Hedge Trimmers also known as extendable hedge trimmers or pole hedge trimmers are stellar hands-on machines neatly designed to foster efficiency and effectiveness in cutting tall hedges in a safe, easy, and sound process. These Trimmers are impeccably designed to surpass the traditional need for climbing up wobbly ladders or platforms, as well as, make better use of time spent setting up those platforms; time of which can efficiently be maximised in trimming shrubs and low hedges without the superfluous need to bend down.

Most Long Reach Trimmers comfortably cut between 10 – 12 feet High Hedge, they feature a long shaft in design that can be adjusted in length, with cutting blade sitting at the end of this. The blade can additionally be tilted to cut the top of the hedge or the side efficiently. Thus, if you have tall hedges, the quickest and safest way to trimming them from the ground is Long Reach Hedge Trimmers, a better and safer decision than trying to balance on a ladder.

Electric Long Reach Hedge Trimmers are usually a bit lightweight in design, and can be quite powerful in getting that extra heft and plunge in getting work done. They are particularly useful in gardens where you can reach all your hedges with the attached cable, or possibly with an extension cord to add more flexibility. Additionally, from an Eco point of view, Electric Long Reach Hedge Trimmers are quieter and Eco-friendly than the others.

Cordless Long Reach Hedge Trimmers are the lightest; they give you the impetus and freedom to cut hedges further away from the house as you deem fit. Their strongest point is their portability, and thus an ideal solution for cutting hedges located far away from electricity. Additionally, Cordless Long Reach Hedge Trimmers are also an Eco – addition, quieter and Eco-friendly to the latter.

Petrol Long Reach Hedge Trimmers are great for taking care of large hedges, especially hedges with thicker branches located away from a main power source. They bridge the gap of worrying about extension cord reaching as observed with Electric Long Reach Hedge Trimmers or the Battery Running duration as observed with cordless Long Reach Hedge Trimmers. Instead, all you need is a can of petrol sitting ready to refuel to carry on.