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We offer vacuum cleaner parts and accessories to address various surfaces and for wet and dry vacuuming. We carry filter parts that range from stable paper to stainless steel filters and filter bags. We have different vacuum accessory sets that contain the number and types of attachments needed. These attachments are designed to have the necessary fit, angle and width to take care of various cleaning needs efficiently.

These tools can handle angled and smooth surfaces, crevices and wet and dry areas, and some sets also include a hose or a filter. They are designed to detail vehicles, perform wet vacuuming tasks or tackle coarse dirt on surface areas. We also have a variety of floor nozzles to select which are made of sturdy, durable plastic or aluminium material and are designed to handle smoother floor surfaces and work well over wet or dry surfaces as they come with a universal attachment that accommodates both area types. You will also find a versatile floor nozzle tool that can quickly switch between carpet cleaning and smooth flooring. There are three types of crevice nozzles available of different lengths that are made of either rubber, heavy-duty plastic or metal. Each is designed to access hard-to-reach areas but are fashioned to work on different areas.

Other vacuum cleaner accessories include attachment brushes with bristles intended for speciality and delicate dusting and cleaning jobs. We even sell Stihl pipes or extension tubes for both wet and dry vacuums. Further, there are plastic vacuum cleaner hoses for purchase that are sold with or without a hose adapter. The adapter works well as a connector to the vacuum accessory device and interfaces with the power tool part of the vacuum. Of course, the hose adapter can be purchased separately.

Here at Radmore & Tucker we have ensured that we provide a well-rounded inventory of vacuum and floor cleaner accessories made of materials that are well-made and efficiently to help get the job done properly.