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Climbing equipment is essential for any arborist or forestry professional. Of course, the right kind of gear for this activity can make or break your quest. You want equipment that will keep you safe throughout the climb without hindering you from working on the tree or other plants. At Radmore & Tucker, we provide a vast range of climbing equipment for forestry and arborist professionals from the best manufacturers- Stein SRT, Petzl and ISC.

The rope wrench allows an arborist to ascend and descend while working on a tree using a single rope with a friction hitch. SRT rope wrencher features an incredibly impressive design that allows you to use the single rope technique. SRT technique presents several advantages; first, it allows the user to climb a tree at a speed of 1:1. Thus, for every pull on the rope, you ascend one foot. The technique is pretty different from the usual double rope method that has a configuration of 2:1. You want a rope that is functional and creates friction for a well-calculated descent. The rope wrench should allow a straight descent device when engaged. Additionally, it should not cause any interference when it is not engaged if the user is ascending.

Another important climbing equipment is the wrench tether. It should be installed in a manner to create adequate space for the friction hitch to function correctly. However, it should be short enough to allow the user his preferred climbing system. While some forestry professionals and arborists find a foot ascender to be optional climbing equipment, you want to include in your gear. The device is attached to the foot to allow the rope to slide through in one direction. SRT foot ascender helps you raise your foot as the gadget advances upwards; once you stand up, it gets locked in place. Be sure to remove the rope from the device when descending.

Your climbing gear isn't complete without a foot loop. You want a heavy-duty Dyneema connection loop that fits easily without compromising on safety. SRT equipment offers high-quality foot loop that has gone through various tests to ensure the product is designed for SRT climbing. For additional security, the SRT foot loop allows you to tie the laces over the loop, making it a semi-permanent fixture to the user's footgear. Be sure to choose a foot loop that matches the size of your shoe.