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We stock a range of high quality shears and loppers to suit every pruning job in the garden or woodland that's undertaken by both amateurs and professionals. The performance of shears or loppers relies on the strength and accuracy of the cutting blades. Many people regard trimming a hedge by hand an exhausting chore. Our hand held hedge shears have many features to make this an easy job. They have long lasting serrated blades that are specially coated to prevent twigs catching and a sap groove to prevent sticking and corrosion. With comfortable beech wood handles that absorb any impact to protect the user's joints, these metal shears soon make short work of cutting through both soft and tough hedging stems.

Whether you prefer the bypass style of blade to slice through stems or anvil to cut flat, we stock garden loppers for every garden or forestry use. For newer gardeners, we have pruning shears of light or medium strength, with reliable, strong forged metal heads that are internally lubricated for continuous easy action. Blades include a sap groove to drain away excess moisture to prevent sticking and corrosion and also holding grooves to retain the removed stems. Lightweight aluminium handles with an ergonomically designed grip absorb the impact of cutting to protect the joints. Higher grade anvil style pruning shears feature a replaceable anvil and coated blades to prevent sticking.

Professional quality lopping shears in both bypass and anvil styles, have precision ground steel blades for accurate trimming without damaging stems. There is a choice of non-stick coating or chrome plating for a hard wearing finish that will provide years of reliable service. Included are sap grooves to combat corrosion and holding grooves to conveniently retain stems. Many pruners feature an energy saving pull to cut action that is helpful when working for long spells. The bypass pruners feature internal lubrication for uninterrupted ease of use, while the anvil pruners have a scriber hook that easily dislodges awkward stems.

Tree loppers that can deal with much thicker branches are available with a bypass slicing action. The replaceable forged metal cutting head has notched blades to ensure a safe, strong grip on the toughest of branches. Permanently lubricated on the outside for constant ease of use, these branch loppers also have rubberised handles that have been ergonomically designed for greater comfort, making tree work an enjoyable task.