Climbing Trousers

If you use a chainsaw, whether it’s just occasional use doing jobs around the garden or professional forestry and arborist work, it is essential that you wear a pair of protective trousers. Our protective chainsaw trousers come in a range of sizes and colours from top quality brands such as Arbortec and Pfanner, so you can rest assured you have the maximum protection needed. We only stock high quality items to ensure your safety is guaranteed at all times. Our range also included non-protective climbing trousers, suitable for arborists not requiring chainsaw protection.


There are two standard types of protective chainsaw trousers, Type A and Type C. Type A only protect the front of the legs. These can be worn as conventional trousers or as chaps, worn over your everyday work clothes. Type A trousers must only be worn by chainsaw users that are working on the ground and not at height. Type C gives protection to the full leg and are usually worn as ordinary trousers and not over other workwear. They are more commonly worn by arborists to ensure maximum protection when climbing and operating saws in difficult positions.

We would always recommend a pair of Type C trousers to anyone using a chainsaw as these provide the most optimum protection. The lining of the trousers are made from high quality fibres and the extra keprotec reinforcement on the front, side and inside leg areas ensure full protection to the whole of the leg, helping make sure there is no way of you injuring yourself.

Using chainsaws can always be a dangerous activity so you need to ensure you are fully protected from head to toe. Our clothing range includes everything from protective chainsaw jackets, boots, climbing trousers, helmets and gloves etc. to help keep you safe when working with chainsaw machinery.  If you are unsure what protective clothing is best suited to you, one of our team will be more than happy to talk you through the various options.