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If you are an active outdoor person or you have a significant love for cultivating trees, and forestry, or just a forester, you might have already realised just how much you need lifting hooks to make the work easier and more efficient. Radmore and Tucker Ltd know that too! Being one of the primary online dealers covering the south of UK plus over 60 years’ experience, Radmore and Tucker has got your back for just about all your gardening requirements. That is why we bring you a whole range of lifting hooks, all selling at very competitive prices that might interest you. What’s more? If you live within the UK mainland, you can get your ordered products delivered in the shortest time possible.

There are lifting hooks for all your minute or significant needs. They are also well designed to give maximum results with minimum effort and injuries such as bruises and blisters. All this becomes possible by the comfort handle on their hooks such as the Stihl FP10 Pulp Hook, plus the insulated padded backs like the Stihl Holder for Tongs and Hooks keeping your back in good order.
The lifting hooks serve a variety of purposes including hooks meant to do everything that makes working with logs easier during transportation, turning, lifting and storage. In line with that, there are hooks for working with plywood and firewood too, making their movement and positioning more comfortable. Changes in seasons are no problem at all with their lifting catches that work on all sorts of grounds, even the frozen properties as with the Oregon Log Lifting Pick 28”. Not limited to hooking, there is also equipments for holding and storage of hooks and callipers as with Stihl Multipurpose holder for hooks and callipers.
Get the best features including great German design, aluminium and hardened steel products, and specific designing of tools including serrated mounts, ground tips, non-slip handles, sharp tips and notches and much more, all meant to give you excellent service.
Lifting hooks available include Stihl Holder for Tongs and Hooks, Stihl Multi-purpose Holder for Hooks and Calipers, Husqvarna lifting latch, Stihl FZ10 Drag Hook, Stihl FP10 Pulp Hook, Stihl Hand Hookaroon, Oregon Log Lifting Pick 28” and Stihl Cant Hook for Stockyard.