Husqvarna Universal Axe A1400

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The Husqvarna Universal Axe A1400 is a great all-rounder axe which is ideal for heavier jobs than a one-handed axe or hatchet. The non-stick coating on the axe head reduces friction and facilitates easier entry into the wood, reducing the amount of force necessary for each swing. The geometry of the head of the axe is shaped in such a way to make it suitable for both regular tasks, and those associated with woodworking. The back of the head also features a hammer function, eliminating the need for a separate tool for splitting wedges. It’s beautifully balanced with the balance point just behind the head for ease of use and even weight distribution.

The composite handle features a fibre reinforced polyamide shaft for high durability, and a stainless steel guard for extra protection from the odd inevitable mis-placed swing. A composite handle comes with a few advantages over a traditional wooden handle – it requires much less maintenance and is not as susceptible to damp or temperature extremes. It also makes this axe more suited to dirty jobs like chopping tree roots or working in polluted areas, as it will not soak up oil or dirty water as a wooden handle will. This also makes it much easier to keep clean. It will not shrink or crack with age, making repairs unnecessary.

The composite handle also competes with a steel-handled axe for durability, but at a much reduced weight. This also means that it is light enough for use with one hand if necessary for small jobs. It is also much better at the absorption of impact vibrations than a steel-handled axe, which helps to reduce the strain on the muscles of your arms and hands. The A1400 also features a soft grip to make work easier on your hands, and a hooked end to help ensure that the axe stays firmly in your grip as you work.

The Universal Axe 1400 truly is universal. It is suitable for a wide range of tasks: hardy enough to cope easily with heavy-duty jobs such as chopping large logs and felling small to medium trees, and precise and light enough for basic woodworking. It is rough and ready and unaffected by most environments, so it can go with you wherever you need to go. Whether at work or in the garden at home, this axe can easily help you accomplish almost any job.

60cm Length
Soft Grip
Hooked End

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2 reviews for Husqvarna Universal Axe A1400

  1. John Andrews (verified owner)

    Ordered the Husqvarna axe at 13:30 on Thursday arrived Friday at 09:45, I don’t know how you get better service than that, the axe must be the Rolls Royce of axes, beautiful Swedish design perfect for the job of splitting logs and at the right price for such an excellent product, what do they say? You get what you pay for, thanks for 1st class service.

  2. MICHAEL MCGUIRE (verified owner)

    I’ve got this axe for scavaging log burning/firewood, rather than what I usually do with axes. i.e recreational activities like camping/woodcraft. So it feels more like a work axe and a size up from the 1/2 axes I use. At 3lb and 23″ it’s just about manageable for me (5’9″) and is able to do “real work” as people say. These are made in Germany by Gardena for Husqvarna and I like the orange colour over the black. So far it’s a good do-all and it fits that bill. I have no problem recommending these axes, this is the 2nd fibre-reinforced Husky I own. Still, if your job is lots of axe work you may be better serviced by the heavier A2400 and 28″ handle boys axe. Great service from Radmore and Tucker, I tend to see if they have got something before I go elsewhere.

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