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Husqvarna Hand Hookaroon

(4 customer reviews)

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Hand sappie, To pull and moving weaker wood and sawn timber. Polished metal head with sharply bent tip . Wood handle partly painted with orange color making the tool very visible.



38cm, 80cm

4 reviews for Husqvarna Hand Hookaroon

  1. Colin Jones (verified owner)

    What a great tool, I should have had one years ago. I use this when log splitting small logs can be picked up readily and larger rounds can be lifted on there side and rolled into place. It has a nice weight and balance which ensures one whack gives a secure hold.

  2. Myles (verified owner)

    It’s not the chopping that does my back in it’s the picking up. I’m 50 and 6ft this picks up chopped wood no problem and very light to use with one hand.

    Bit of a knack to releasing the wood and watch out swinging it about as it’s very sharp. First time used on an hour of chopped wood and no seized back – great tool ?

  3. G

    Great tool, well designed.

  4. Kerry O’Neill (verified owner)

    Great job!

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