Husqvarna Wooden Forest Axe

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Over the years, Husqvarna has been designing rebadged versions Hult Bruks and Wetterlings axes at incredibly low prices. If you’re a tech-savvy axe buyer, this aspect offers you an excellent chance of selecting the best brand at significantly lowered costs. The current invention by Husqvarna, the Husqvarna Wooden Forest Axe, keeps up with their traditions when it comes to producing axes.

Unique Features of Husqvarna Wooden Forest Axe


Lightweight and Ideal Length

This forest axe weighs 0.85 kgs. As you can see, it’s incredibly lightweight, making it easy for you to handle it comfortably with one hand. Also, it makes it effortless to strike vertically and horizontally. The handle measures 65cm, which is ideal for a powerful and well-balanced swing.

This length is sufficiently enough for short and tall users. You can handle the wooden handle without encountering many problems. But when it comes to performing heavy-duty tasks, you need to swing the axe with a lot of force.

A Hickory Handle

This axe boasts a hickory handle. The good news is that a firm grip is guaranteed even if you have sweaty hands since the knob end is quite curvy and the handle isn’t varnished. Also, you can consider protecting the handle by coating it with linseed oil, but this may make the handle quite slippery.

It comes with a Handmade Forged Metal Axe

Husqvarna designs this axe’s head with durable steel that’s rich in carbon. It is the high concentration of the carbon atoms that makes the blade rustproof, makes the axe durable and ensures that it stays sharp for an extended period.

In addition, the manufacturer offers a leather sheath which you can use to cover the sharp blade. The cutting-edge length is 8.9cm, while the blade length is 16.5cm. These features make the axe a super-effective tool.


  • It’s designed with handmade forged steelhead
  • It has a comfy grip
  • The quality and price ratio are perfect
  • It does not get stuck into woods since it has a thin and sharp blade

The head and handle fasten perfectly

Length 65cm
Wooden Handle

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18 reviews for Husqvarna Wooden Forest Axe

  1. Joe McQuade (verified owner)

    Can’t imagine a better axe for the price.

    I’ve owned a Gransfors Bruks small hunting axe for many years, so that’s my go-to comparison for quality. That axe has served me well, but after having a tree fall into our garden the other week, I needed something a little larger to get it dealt with and this has done marvellously.

    The overall finish isn’t as good as the gransfors, but it’s a third of the price and the feel of it is every bit as pleasing – it’s weighted perfectly for both smaller jobs like trimming down a branch and slightly bigger tasks like getting through an 11″ tree limb.

    It came much sharper than you’d expect if comparing to a garden-centre hatchet, but still needed a bit of time on the stone to get it up to snuff. It took a shaving sharp edge remarkably easily, and is not noticeably dulled after a few sessions of pretty heavy use.

    All in all, I’ve not seen an axe of this calibre for anything less than twice the price. My Gransfors Bruks is still with me after 15 years, and with proper maintenance I fully expect this one to be there next to it well into the future. Where it counts, it’s every bit as good.

  2. Terry Jones (verified owner)

    A great quality axe for a good price, ready to use immediately. I took a little time to sand the handle and coat it with some linseed oil – well worth it for a beautiful wood finish. Thoroughly recommended.
    Terry (Surrey mad axeman!).

  3. Mark (verified owner)

    Good value axe, my first forest axe so can’t compare but it feels balanced, needed a bit of a sharpen, looking forward to using it on my next wildcamping

  4. matteo.capocefalo (verified owner)

    Excellent product and fast delivery. Thumbs up to Radmore and Tucker for the great service and super fast delivery.
    The product is excellent. A good sized axe, true to the multi purpose destination. It arrived nicely sharpened (clearly machine sharpened, but it’s going to take no more than 5 minutes to put a shaving edge on this). Great shape and weight and lovely and ergonomic handle. American hickory and the handle’s grain orientation was spotless on mine.
    All in all a great product, would give a star less as it’s not a Granfors but it would also get a star more because is a third of the price. Would say almost as good as.

  5. Ian Sellen (verified owner)

    Great axe, used it all weekend at a reenactment event to keep a cooking fire going. Printing down the handle came off easily with a bit of sandpaper. And a coat of linseed oil raised an awesome colour on the handle. Nice and sharp straight out if the box and still has a good edge even after 4 days of use.

  6. David Boase (verified owner)

    This axe is extremely good value for money. It did come sharp out of the box, and after a little extra tlc to reprofile the blade to a Gransfors level of sharpness, it holds an edge very well indeed.
    My only real criticism is that the leather mask is poorly designed. The rivets can easily come into contact with the blade if bashed, and there are much better types available out there.

    Overall though, you are getting a great axe for not a lot of money. It will deal with small scale felling, splitting firewood, and all your camping/ bushcraft requirements.

  7. Lucy Wright (verified owner)

    So pleased with this purchase! Came really quickly with the standard delivery and my husband is over the moon with how well it performs. Like a knife through butter!

  8. Paul Leggatt (verified owner)

    Thank you for a quick delivery and a very very good axe nice and sharp good wight would recommend any time. Best axe ever had. ?

  9. Chris (verified owner)

    Excellent axe for the money.
    I have a couple of smaller Hults Bruks axes and this is on par with them, although the Hults Bruks are double the price.
    The handle was a bit dry when it arrived but a good coating of oil sorted it.
    Great value for money.
    It’s even cheaper here at radmoretucker.
    You won’t regret your purchase.
    I didn’t.

  10. Ronan Thorn (verified owner)

    Dynamite axe, excellent service. Radmore are providing an impressive speed delivery and a great price. The axe typically Husq and well made, light, and came fairly sharp out the sheath! I will be using Radmore for other products I need outdoors!

  11. Ian Bartlett (verified owner)

    Great axe amazing quality really well balanced and sharp. Strong enough for 2 handed felling and yet light enough for single handed delicate work. Axe shaft really nicely contoured and smooth but grippy finish.
    Best all round axe ever.

  12. Rhys Tucker (verified owner)

    Fantastic axe. It came with a decently sharpened edge, nicely ground. It also came with the best quality handle I’ve seen, perfectly straight grain all the way up the handle, not a trace of run-off. The delivery was very fast, I was notified the exact time it would arrive, which was very helpful. 10/10.

  13. Michael McGuire (verified owner)

    Can’t really add, more on whats already been said its a nice axe. Very quick postage and my 2nd axe bought from them.

  14. js-walker (verified owner)

    A beautiful tool, almost too good to use, almost. The weight and balance is perfect for single-handed use, the handle length and shape is idea, and after a good days work to was as sharp as when I started. A lovely axe that comes with a leather cover and worth every penny.
    Great service as usual from R&T.

  15. Paul (verified owner)

    After doing a bunch of research this appeared to be best buy for my needs. Checked out hultsfors, japense forest axes & the popular gransfors small forest axe.
    I didn’t want a full size axe. I was after something that would deal with a broad range of tasks. That extra bit of handle length tipped it for me, the relative quality and the price. I’ve thrown it in the caravan for chopping (& splitting) fire wood. I bought the husqvarna sharpening stone too – small & handy. The items were competitively priced. Customer service was excellent, rapid response to queries. Fast postage. Well packaged.

  16. MEYRICK SHAW (verified owner)

    Well balanced, quality tool.
    Exactly as described.

    Delivery was very prompt.

  17. Jared (verified owner)

    Great buy. Not high end like some but very tidy and ready for use. Axe head is solid and the handle is clean and well shaped. Delivered in a couple of days. Very happy with my purchase.

  18. Sunny Jim

    Bought this because I’ve got a granfors bruks small forest axe but needed something with a bit more wack. Im absolutely made up with it and at £60 compared to the granfors at £130 it’s a steal. It’s pretty much the same quality, gave the handle a light sand and linseed coat and to be honest I like the husqvarna more. ?

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