As the heatwave and summer comes to a close, we thought it would be a good idea to pass on our garden care tips and tricks for Autumn. It’s a great time of year to work in your garden as it’s not too hot and you’ll also benefit next year if you complete the following tasks.

Clean and Service Your Garden Equipment

Autumn is the best time to clean, maintain and service your lawn mower and other garden machinery. This means that you are ready for spring and can expect no surprises when you need them in the new year. It’s not only best for mechanical machinery. You can also sharpen shears and secateurs and clean your other hand tools, so they are ready for work when you need them.

At Radmore and Tucker we provide servicing, maintenance and repairs for professional and domestic machinery, so that your equipment lasts longer and makes your life easier. Get in touch if you would like us to service your garden machinery this autumn.

Gather Autumn Leaves

Consider buying a leaf blower and vacuum to easily clear and collect leaves from your lawn, patio, paths, driveway and borders. You can use the leaves to make a compost, which is a great soil fertiliser.

Lawn Maintenance

If this summer’s heatwave has made your lawn look worse for wear, then autumn is the perfect time to repair and rejuvenate it. First you need to remove any old grass clippings using a rake and add it to your compost heap. If your lawn has become compacted through the summer from heavy use you can improve drainage and aeration by creating deep holes evenly spread across the affected area using a garden fork. It’s also a great time of year to fertilise your lawn as it protects it through the winter months. For the best results try and fertilise your lawn twice a year. We sell every type of lawn mower and ride on mower, so browse our online shop to see how we can make your life easier this autumn.

Tidy and Fix Your Borders

It’s that time of year to dig up and dispose of annual plants and flowers and add them to your compost heap. Autumn is one of the best times to move poorly placed plants while you can easily dig the soil. Once your borders are tidy and the edges have been trimmed you can spread a layer of compost, bark chip or manure across them to protect them and add nutrients to the soil.

Prune Your Trees and Trim Your Hedges

There are many reasons why you should prune your trees and trim hedges before the winter. It helps improve their health and appearance and removes dead or dying branches and stems. There are many different garden machinery tools you can use including, chainsaws, hedge trimmers and pole pruners.

It’s Time to Plant Bulbs for Next Spring

Autumn is the perfect time of year to plant bulbs as they’ll be ready to flourish next spring. Ideally you should choose a position with plenty of sunlight. You can add different plants throughout your garden to add a splash of colour to your garden next year.

Make Your Own Compost

A few weeks ago, we outlined the benefit of making your own compost. Autumn is a great time to consider doing this as the leaves are dropping and if you’ve followed our tips then you will have quite a bit of garden waste. Take a look at our recent article: Turn Your Garden Waste In To Gold to learn more.

Make General Repairs

While you are busy in the garden why not use this opportunity to repair damage to your flower beds, shed, greenhouse, fencing or any other item you have been putting off fixing. You will appreciate it in spring and stop the damage getting worse over the cold and wet months.

Put Your Garden Furniture and Tools Away

Lastly and before the weather turns, you should clean and store your garden furniture and garden tools to prevent them from getting damaged through the winter. It’s also a good idea to disconnect hoses and drain them for storage. Once these tasks are complete you have made your garden ready for the winter and are set for any easier time in spring.

We hope you found these tips and tricks useful. Browse our online shop or drop in to our showroom in Exeter to see any of the garden care products we have mentioned in this article.



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