Health and Safety is a critical aspect of the garden machinery and forestry equipment industry. Working safely at height adds an even greater risk. This is where a sturdy and secure work platform becomes an essential tool.

To resolves this issue Radmore and Tucker are pleased to announce that we are now supplying the Henchman range of Platform Tripod Ladders.

Henchman Tripod Ladders provide a safe and comfortable working platform for everything from pruning on uneven surfaces to clearing gutters. Henchman have been pioneering in ladder safety since 1994, the company provides specialist ladders and platforms so you can work safely at height without worry.

Their tripod ladder range are amazingly lightweight, remarkably stable; and designed specifically for safely working at height on uneven, soft and sloping terrain; the Henchman Tripod Ladder is fit for purpose and up to the challenge.

You can choose from 3 models:

Platform Tripod Ladder – 1 Adjustable leg

  • One adjustable leg for level and stable steps on moderately uneven or sloping terrain.
  • Uniquely, all Henchman Tripods include the 7″ deep “Platform” rung for safety and comfort
  • Tuck your legs in, gain added support against your thighs, without hitting shins on rung above
  • Top rail for one-handed support whilst working; or for leaning against whilst using both hands
  • Wide, clawed feet are designed to “grab” soft ground and so prevent slipping or sudden sinking
  • The 3-leg ‘milking stool’ principle makes it impossible to wobble and extremely difficult to topple
  • Narrow top and third leg for access to tight awkward spaces.
  • Incredibly light for ease of carriage and storage
  • Rubber shoes can be purchased for added grip and no scratching inside or on hard slippery surfaces
  • Available in 6′ to 16′ sizes – unique to Henchman

Platform Tripod Ladders – 3 Adjustable legs (additional features)

  • Three adjustable legs allow for level and stable steps on very uneven or sloping terrain.

Platform Tripod Ladders – Fully 3 leg Adjustable (additional features)

  • Unique to Henchman, combining three adjustable legs and wider platform rungs.
  • Tested to 150kg max weight capacity
  • Level and stable on very uneven terrain.

Take a look at our full range of Henchman Platform Tripod Ladders

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