Innovations within the power tool market have significantly improved user safety – and a major contributor to this is the growth of battery-operated tools. Here, Mark Earles, Business Development Manager OPE at Makita explains how battery-operated chainsaws are improving safety for foresters and tree surgeons.  

For some forestry operations, where a smaller 35-40cc machine might traditionally have been used, cordless products should be considered. As a tree surgeon or forester, cordless chainsaws can be incredibly appealing – they offer increased freedom, which is especially useful when working at height. When it comes to cordless options, battery-powered chainsaws can provide the same, if not better, results compared to electric or petrol-powered alternatives and offer improved safety for operators.

For any project, contractors need to be mindful of the pollutants produced during operations, including any fumes produced from the use of petrol-powered tools and the noise these tools might create. Using battery-operated chainsaws negates the need to carry fuel and the mixing of oil with petrol on site, and cordless means zero petrol fumes – this is a benefit to both the wider environment and the tool operator, as the risk of breathing in exhaust fumes is eliminated. Battery-operated chainsaws are also comparatively quieter compared to petrol alternatives.

The vibration levels of battery-operated chainsaws can also be considerably lower compared to petrol tools – this is because there is no piston operating 90° to the rotation of the crank shaft. Reduced vibration levels ensure those using the tool can remain safer on-site and are better protected against vibration-related illnesses such as Vibration White Finger.

Makita’s DUC355 and DUC405 battery-powered chainsaws operate using two 18V lithium-ion batteries, providing 36V power in total. As a number of Makita’s tools are powered using 18V lithium-ion batteries, the batteries can be used interchangeably with other Makita tools. This provides flexibility for the user on-site and, as all batteries are the same, it is simple to ensure that the correct batteries are transported to site at the start of the day.

Using battery-powered chainsaws therefore provides a number of benefits for foresters and tree surgeons. Not only do they provide increased freedom, they also offer improved user safety due to the omission of trip hazards from power leads, the inhalation of harmful exhaust fumes and the reduction of vibration levels.

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