Innovation with robotic automowers is progressing at lightning speed. We’re pleased to announce that Husqvarna are about to release two new ground-breaking all-wheel drive automowers that tackle all terrain landscapes.

Husqvarna takes the evolution of smart robots for garden care to the next level. Over the coming months they will be releasing the following all-wheel drive models:

  • Automower 535 AWD
  • Automower 435X AWD


With the Automower 535 AWD, Husqvarna presents a reliable all-terrain robotic mower with standard connectivity that effortlessly surpasses previous terrain limits: up to 70% gradients, rough ground, and bottlenecks and obstacles the 535 AWD handles it all without a problem. Thanks to its modern design, high performance and the emission-free battery drive, it is particularly suitable for professional use in gardening and landscaping.

In 1995, Husqvarna introduced the world’s first lawn robot. Now the robotic lawnmower pioneer takes the concept to a new level: the new Husqvarna Automower 535 AWD not only shows its strength on steep inclines, but also offers greater safety and productivity for professional users thanks to its great off-road capability. All-wheel drive and articulated steering allow this latest model to handle even extreme gradients of up to 70% (35 °) as well as very uneven green areas. Designed for turf sizes up to 3500 m².

” The Automower 535 AWD is groundbreaking in professional lawn care because it allows landscapers to work safer and easier, while minimising noise and CO 2 emissions.” Sascha Menges, President Husqvarna Division comments, “We are still looking for a lawn it cannot beat!”.

The 535 AWD is fully automatic and it helps professional landscapers and gardeners to save time for more demanding garden care work. Offering more efficiency, quicker mowing times, adjustable cutting heights and other settings that are easily controlled with the mobile Automower Connect app (available for Android and iOS).

Since your entire Automower fleet can be mapped in the fleet management tools, the performance and status of all of your mowing robots can be clearly and quickly tracked and evaluated on your smartphone or PC. Theft protection and position detection are also fundamental components of the automower.

The Automower 535 AWD also breaks new ground in terms of design: with dynamic lines and a sculptured form underline the modern design. The stylish lawn robot also features standard, practical features such as the ultrasonic object detection sensor, which ensures that the Automower throttles its speed as soon as an object is nearby. Additional grip and traction is guaranteed by rubber tire brushes and shock absorbers.

Benefits of the Husqvarna Automower 535 AWD at a glance:   

  • Extreme off-road capability for more safety on steep and uneven lawns
  • Fully automatic and connectivity for a more efficient work assignment
  • Sustainable green space care through emission-free, low-noise battery drive
  • Proven mowing concept with fine grass clippings as natural fertilizer
  • Modern design and standard features for smart lawn care

The Husqvarna Automower 535 AWD is expected to be available for the 2019 season.

In the meantime, take a look at the entire Husqvarana Automower range at Radmore and Tucker.

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