We love advances in garden and forestry equipment technology and the new dynamic headphone and visor from Stihl caught our eye.

Stihl’s new dynamic Bluetooth headphones were introduced earlier this year, but now they have recently introduced versions with integrated visors – both polycarbonate and nylon mesh versions are available now from Radmore and Tucker.

These new products are suitable for use with mobile phones or tablets through Bluetooth 4.0 or AUX connections, the ear protectors include high quality speakers plus a built-in microphone, so users can take phone calls. The 38-hour battery life gives you days of run time before needing to be charged.

Buy the new Stihl Dynamic Bluetooth Headphones with Polycarbonate Visor today here.

Buy the new Stihl Dynamic Bluetooth Headphones with Nylon Mesh Visor today here.

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