At Radmore & Tucker we specialise in providing forestry workers and arborists with the best products to make their lives easier.

We are please to announce that we now stock the entire Pfanner 2019 range of clothing and accessories. Pfanner of Austria are global leaders in the production of protective chainsaw trousers and premium workwear. Founded in 1990, by Anton Pfanner, Pfanner have a philosophy governed by 3 core principles: Simple, Safe, Living.

The Pfanner clothing system provides a complete range of personal protective equipment from head to toe, that provides unrivalled durability and comfort whatever the conditions.

Forestry is their home ground. They like to think of it as their core area and showcase discipline. They hold a wide variety of patents highlighting technical know-how, as well as clothing solutions that reflect their understanding of operational activities.

From the lightweight ventilation cut protection trousers to Gladiator® II, their forestry range includes clothing for all weather conditions with safety features against the smallest of hazards thanks to integrated detailed solutions, such as tick protection.

In order to support arborists, they have developed clothing that stays where it belongs and avoids any disturbing slipping. With jackets and trousers specifically made for this demanding role; tight-fitting styles and silicone printing, they allow trouble-free work clothing. The sophisticated ventilation also makes strenuous work at height more enjoyable thanks to sweat absorption.

Work clothing for forestry workers and arborists must face up to the highest operational requirements. It must be versatile, but always precisely tailored to its purpose of use.

Take a look at the 2019 range from Pfanner to find out more.

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