LPG Generators

LPG Generators (Propane gas) provide a cost-effective source of power which are suitable and convenient for motor home owners, caravan owners and are also very good for commercial use for businesses such as mobile healthcare or catering, allowing you to have all the luxuries of the modern day wherever you may be. The duration of LPG generators can last for a reasonable length of time depending on the cylinder size used. They can come in a variety of sizes to match your requirements, for example if you purchased two 19kg cylinders you could expect to achieve standby running times of over 40 hours before having to refuel if you were using a 14KW unit, of course these times can vary depending on the unit size of cylinders being used.

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Due to these generators using gas, the cost of them is generally lower than that of petrol or diesel options which result in them running much more cleanly, also meaning that maintaining them will not come with the same issues seen in petrol or diesel models such as blockage of the carburetor which can hamper the function of the engine, this in turn will ensure other components within the engine will last much longer than the petrol or diesel models.

Other benefits include reduced emissions and noise pollution which are making them more favorable to councils and camp sites, even more so in places where food preparation is happening or widespread community areas. LPG powered generators are also extremely convenient with gas cylinders readily available and replacing these cylinders is an easy process by simply using a changeover valve. Storing petrol and diesel for long periods of time can lead to deterioration of the fuel but this does not occur in LPG cylinders.

Thinking about the impact these models would have on the environment is important. LPG models produce emissions that are less harmful to the environment than petrol or diesel powered generators releasing less carbon dioxide per unit of energy produced. With all the above in mind LPG Generators provide a much more sustainable source of energy, with benefits you will not find in the petrol or diesel generators. If you are unsure which generator will be best suited to you, please contact a member of our team who will be happy to assist you.