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When choosing a cordless line trimmer, it is important to consider battery life, power output and cutting capability. Battery-powered line trimmers have many benefits over petrol and corded models, including longer run times, much quieter operation and emit no fumes.

18v versus 36v cordless line trimmer.

The main difference between a 18v and 36v cordless line trimmer is the battery voltage. A 36v (Dual 18v) line trimmer will have more power and run for longer than a 18v model, but it will also be heavier and more expensive. If you are only going to use your line trimmer for light jobs around the garden, then a 18v model should be sufficient. However, if you need to do heavier work such as cutting thick grass or weeds, then a 36v model would be better suited.

Which model of cordless line trimmer is right for you?

Cordless line trimmers are available in a variety of sizes and power levels to suit your individual needs. The nylon cords are automatically fed out by tapping the cutting head on the ground, which makes them very easy to use.

Most cordless line trimmers have an adjustable range, so you can choose the perfect length for your garden. Some also have an adjustable height, so you can raise or lower the cutting head to suit the task at hand. This is particularly useful if you need to trim under bushes or reach high areas.

Safety features.

Most cordless line trimmers come with a number of safety features, such as a safety switch and guard. These are designed to protect you from the cutting blades and prevent accidental injuries.

When using a cordless line trimmer, it is important to wear the correct safety gear, such as goggles and gloves, to protect yourself from flying debris.

Here at Radmore and Tucker , we have a wide range of cordless line trimmers to choose from, so you are sure to find the perfect one for your needs.