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If you own a disc cutter, you will not doubt appreciate how easy it makes cutting through everything from wood to concrete with the utmost precision. As such, it is an excellent idea to keep your disc cutter well maintained by replacing the disc every so often, and by having a range of different discs and other accessories ready to hand so that you can adapt the disc cutter for whichever job you have underway. Our collection of disc cutter accessories is sourced from the very highest quality brands, such as Stihl, Makita, and Husqvarna, so you can rest assured that these are items that you will be able to rely on. Designed for use by professionals in the construction industry, these accessories will benefit anyone who owns a disc cutter and wants to continue getting the most from it.

Our collection of accessories for disc cutters comprises everything from replacement discs to safety goggles to protect your eyes from wood chips or flying pieces of stone or metal during the cutting process. We also provide brick jigs, spacers, and direction indicators for the easy manipulation of materials, and to ensure the utmost accuracy in all of your cutting work.

In our range, you will also be able to find both fixed and sliding stops which can be used in conjunction with brick jigs to get the right guide height. If you need anything else – from a water container to a packer – you are sure to be able to get just what you require in this range.

Many cutting discs are made with resin, and whilst these are suitable for most kinds of cutting work. If you need something more heavy duty, though (for instance, for cutting through concrete), there is a stronger and more durable option: the diamond cutting disc. These discs are made using diamonds, which is a harder material than stone, wood, or metal, and so they are able to slice through hard concrete with ease.

It is important to use the right disc for the job, because if you attempt to use a resin based disc for stone cutting work, you may find that the disc gets worn down too quickly.