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Petrol disc cutters are robust, cordless power tools that can be used for heavy duty cutting. Given the advantage of being able to tackle the toughest materials while still being incredibly portable – petrol disc cutters are the right tool for the job. Able to smoothly cut through material like stone, brick and concrete, even a cheap petrol disc cutter will make all of the difference to your productivity and the time it takes you to get the job in hand done. Petrol disc cutters are a hard wearing piece of kit that come in useful for people in trade but also individuals looking to complete jobs efficiently around the home.

We have many petrol disc cutters for sale that can transform the smallest to the largest jobs from hard work to easy work. The benefits of disc cutters far outweigh the cost if you are looking to start a job that requires one.

Petrol disc cutters are cordless and hand held. This means that if part of the job needs to be completed off site there are no issues with transportation. They can cut through materials like stone and brick but also asphalt and many other materials where you may not realise you need this piece of equipment for when you start your job. Many petrol disc cutters are now lightweight so you do not need to worry about taking them from job to job if you are working in a trade.

If you are looking to embark on a job and you have not yet decided on a petrol disc cutter there are a few tips for finding the best one. There are a lot of things to take into consideration including budget and what you need the tool for. There are many cheap petrol disc cutters on the market that can get your job done. If you are going to use it frequently then you can look to increasing your budget, but many people who are buying petrol disc cutters start off small and then upgrade if they need to. Choose a specific cutter for the job in hand. Different petrol cutters are good for different materials so unless you need an 'all rounder' look at what you can do with your chosen petrol disc cutter.