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Stihl BF-KM Pick Tine Kombi Attachment

(14 customer reviews)

£183.62 (inc VAT)

Usually dispatches within 7 to 10 working days.

SKU: 18-46017405000

The Stihl BF-KM for Aerating and Cultivating the soil, enables even small areas of soil to be attended to.
The Stihl BF-KM is approved for use with all KombiSystem engine units
Total Length of BF-KM attachment is 100cm.

Technical data

Tool Pick tines
Overall length cm 100

14 reviews for Stihl BF-KM Pick Tine Kombi Attachment

  1. Andrew S. (verified owner)

    I needed a cultivator for my garden beds, but which was small enough to avoid some of the existing plant stock I have already. I use this in combination with the Stihl KM94R-CE that I purchased from this site at the same time as this item. In combination with each they work very well and have enough power to aerate the compacted soil and leave it nice and crumbly! Very happy with Radmore & Tucker service and best price I could find.

  2. Bryan Guilford (verified owner)

    One of the better online services I’ve had, speedy and efficient. Surprised how good this attachment is actually. Really chops everything in it path up well, even throws the bramble roots out! Leaves a nice fine till.

  3. Scott payne (verified owner)

    Excellent tool,saved hours of work,very capable attachment,

  4. James

    I used this today for the first time after turning over the vegetable patch. It did in 30 minutes what it would take hours to do by hand. It chopped up most stalks and roots it came across and broke up any big lumps as well as levelling the area. It is an aggressive machine and a certain amount of strength is required to wrestle it but I am very impressed. I would also like to thank Radmore and Tuckers for assembling it whilst I waited. Good product, good service. Thank you.

  5. Christopher Walford (verified owner)

    I used this with my existing Stihl Kombi HL 135 drive. I used it to break up a very compacted soiul in a raised bed and it did an excellent job. The service from Radmore & Tucker was excellent, and a query regarding delivery time was swiftly answered by the accounts manager Amy Tucker, who was most helpful. I will use this company again.

  6. Daniel Williams (verified owner)

    Truly gobsmacked how fast Radmore delivered this pick tine. I only ordered it yesterday afternoon and it arrived before 11am today, from Deven to Northants, and at no extra cost. Cheapest around for this Kombi attchment too. I think I found my new source for machinery. What – a – service!!
    Props to DPD too.

  7. Ian Rogers (verified owner)

    Excellent service, delivery and price. The product is superb – as one would expect from Stihl.

  8. Richard Lea (verified owner)

    Radmore and tucker delivered the stihl pick tine promptly. There was a small problem that they sorted out straight away with no fuss whatsoever. Superb service and have already ordered another stihl product from them . Well done!!!!!

  9. Molly Earl (verified owner)

    I wanted the Stihl rotovator attachment to turn over old veg beds. Ordered nr 11pm and it arrived before 8 am the next day. Amazing delivery. The product is great, made a fantastic job of the beds. Heavy if you use it all day but that helps it get down into the soil. I love it and I am still impressed with the delivery. I doubt I’ll ever dig again, really tilled the soil.

  10. Eric Haycock (verified owner)

    An excellent tool.Superb and speedy efficient service by Amy.Will be using this Co. again.Other firms should follow the standards of this Co.Well Done.

  11. David Jewkes (verified owner)

    Does exactly as it says on the tin. Realistic price, good service and reasonably quickly dispatched and delivered.

  12. Derek Hopgood (verified owner)

    Early days yet but seems to be working well. Won’t bite through turf but seems adequate for packed soil so long as no large stones/objects in it. Bought to replace a large old school heavy duty rotovator which could chew up and spit out house bricks, but I wasn’t expecting the same level of power. Adds nicely to my suite of existing tools (hedge trimmer + extension, strimmer) for the Stihl power unit and saves the space the old rotovator took up. Happy with my purchase so far.

  13. DAVID ARMSTRONG (verified owner)

    Having had four great Mantis Tiller/Cultivators in the last 20 or so years I was intrigued when Stihl produced the Kombi attachment with a similar function, but I had not needed it until now. I have no hesitation recommending it to increase the versatility of the Kombi system with very little additional storage or transportation space required. Being a Stihl tool it performs as you would expect it to… extremely well, but when it came to the inevitable and frequent task of untangling and cleaning the tines the design improvements became apparent. A ‘hoof pick’, or something very similar, is still the best tool for the job (until you lose it again!) but the debris doesn’t get jammed around the shafts and can be removed quickly allowing the work to continue.

  14. Darren (verified owner)

    Brilliant service, delivery and price. A great piece of kit and I will definitely be purchasing more attachments when needed.

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