Makita E-03109 90 Piece Impact Black Set

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SKU: MK-E-03109

Introducing Makita Impact Black Technology; Manufactured from S2 steel to provide exceptional durability, strength and precision machined tips for better fit to make full contact with the screw head for a maximum power transfer, Impact Black bits are 20 per cent more durable than that of a standard screw bit, for a longer service life.

The black coating prevents rusting for longer life and is up to 20 per cent more durable than a standard screw bit.

Ideal for screw driving, cabinet making, joinery, assembly, fixings and more.

Impact Black bits absorb hard impacts when screwing screws or when placing the screw head on the surface and the torsion zone counteracts high torque peaks. A screw guide helps to keep the screw perfectly positioned as they are driven into the material, ideal for fitting hinges.

The E-03109 90 Piece Impact Black Set contains 87 Impact Black Bits with lengths of 25mm and 50mm, constructed from high strength, heat treated alloy S2 special steel, a black coating to prevent rust and with precision made tips to ensure a perfect hold.

The E-03109 contains 25mm bits: PH1 x 5, PH2 x 10, PH3 x 5, PZ1 x 5, PZ2 x 10, PZ3 x 5, TX15 x 6, TX20 x 6, TX25 x 6 and TX30 x 6, 50mm bits: SL5.5, PH1, PH2 x 4, PH3 x 2, PZ1, PZ2 x 4, PZ3 x 2, TX15 x 2, TX20 x 2, TX25 x 2 and TX30 x 2, 6mm Magnet Nut Runner and Magnetic Bit Holder, supplied in two plastic cases.

1/4″ hex shank



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