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Introducing the STIHL BG 56 Leaf Blower: Unleash the Power of Cleanliness

When it comes to efficiently clearing leaves, debris, and unruly garden waste, the STIHL BG 56 stands out as a reliable and powerful solution for homeowners and garden enthusiasts alike. This petrol powered leaf blower is designed to make outdoor cleanup a breeze.

Blazing Blower Performance: The heart of the BG 56 is its robust 2-stroke engine, delivering impressive air speeds of up to 159 miles per hour (256 kilometers per hour). It’s the powerhouse you need to tackle fallen leaves, grass clippings, and debris with ease.

Comfortable Handling: Designed with user comfort in mind, the BG 56 boasts an ergonomic handle with anti-vibration technology. This minimizes operator fatigue during extended use, allowing you to work comfortably for longer periods.

Adjustable Nozzle: Customize your air output with the BG 56’s adjustable nozzle, making it versatile enough to handle various yard tasks. Whether you’re clearing a large open area or tackling tight spaces, this feature provides flexibility.

Fuel Efficiency: STIHL is known for its fuel-efficient engines, and the BG 56 is no exception. It offers excellent fuel economy, reducing the frequency of refueling during prolonged use.

Low Emissions: Complying with environmental regulations, the BG 56 incorporates a low-emission engine design that minimizes harmful exhaust emissions without compromising on performance.

Durable Construction: STIHL’s reputation for rugged and durable construction is evident in the BG 56. It’s built to withstand the rigors of regular use, ensuring reliable performance over the long term.

Safety Features: Safety is paramount. The BG 56 includes features such as a throttle lock and a translucent fuel tank, making it easy to monitor fuel levels and operate securely.

In summary, the STIHL BG 56 Leaf Blower is your key to a tidy, well-maintained outdoor space. Its combination of power, comfort, and environmental responsibility makes it an excellent choice for homeowners who demand exceptional performance from their garden maintenance equipment. Get ready to breeze through your garden work and enjoy the beauty of your well-kept outdoor sanctuary with the BG 56.

CO2 g/kWh 955
Performance kW 0.7
Sound power level dB(A) 1) 104
Sound pressure level dB(A) 1) 90
Vibration value, right m/s2 2) 8
Air velocity m/s 3) 64
Tank volume l 0.54
Max. air speed m/s 71
Equipment Round nozzle

Power Type


8 reviews for Stihl BG 56 Petrol Blower

  1. P. Vine (verified owner)

    My previous leaf blower was from Sears, USA and had the engine mounted vertically with the air intake underneath, so swinging it left and right did not disturb the rotational axis of the engine. Also it could be used left or right handed. However this machine has the engine mounted horizontally so that the axis of engine rotation is disturbed by the swing motion. You are working against the precession force every time you swing the blower left or right. Furthermore it is a right-hand-only device as the air intake is on the right and sucks against the trouser leg if held in the L.H.

    On the positive side, it is a well made tool as I would expect from Stihl.

  2. Rob The Gardener (verified owner)

    It good dose the job ok, a bit of vibration on the hand, not as good as the BG 86 C Thank you all, thank you John for dropping off at home for me.
    Rob The Gardener

  3. Tim Goldsack (verified owner)

    Great product from stihl as usual.
    I brought the BG56 as the BG86 wasn’t available as fast as I needed one.
    It’s just as powerful but definitely noticeable that it vibrates through your hand and wrist a lot more than BG86.
    However a professional blower for under £200 delivered is a great price and does a good job.
    Exceptional service from Radmore & Tucker too. Thanks.

  4. Kevin McWilliams (verified owner)

    A very well made and designed product which is light and easy to handle.
    It is also quite economical in terms of fuel consumption compared to previous blowers I have owned.
    Have used it twice so far so it’s early days but I am hopeful that it will be durable since Stihl has a good reputation.

  5. Paul (verified owner)

    Thanks again for first class service ? keep it up

  6. Anthony Marsh (verified owner)

    Had a cheaper one this is miles better didn’t no it’s left hand pull though takes bit getting used to

  7. chris small (verified owner)

    phoned up, made the order was contacted and told the product would be delivered to them then onto me ., which it was very easy company to deal
    will definitely use this company again in the future

  8. James Mortimer (verified owner)

    I ordered the BG 56 leaf blower because I had one for the last 10 years without hardly any issues, just carb cleaned and normal service routine, not bad considering I’m in the trade.

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