Tree Climbing Equipment

Radmore and Tucker's range of climbing gear offers high-quality tree climbing equipment for professional arborists and tree climbers across the UK, with superb value across a choice of recognised brands in this ever-expanding selection of arborist essentials.

We stock climbing harnesses, ropes and spikes, allowing to safely access the toughest and trickiest jobs, no matter how high you have to go. Whether you need fliplines, pulleys or rope grabs, we can help you by selling the best products currently available on the market. Our range of kit bags and rope bags mean that you always have a great choice when it comes to carrying your tools too.

For all climbing kit and rope bag needs, with varied sizes according to requirement, keeping arborist and forestry equipment safe is more than affordable and definitely worthwhile. On offer are leading brands like Harkie, Husqvarna, Stein and Stihl. Almost becoming a pre-requisite for tree climbers nowadays is a cambium saver, or friction saver, as they protect the tree from potential wounds caused by the climbing line while also extending the life of your rope.

We also stock first aid kits, in case anyone on your team is unfortunate enough to get hurt. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry, and we all know that accidents do happen and it is best to plan for them. These kits feature a range of basic items which can help you to care for yourself and your employees in case of injury. We also have items such as heamostatic granules, which can help to staunch bleeding in emergency situations, as well as wound washes and eye washes to help prevent infection setting in.

Also on offer are a selection of Petzl, ISC and Stein pulleys for your rope and application, vital for a professional arborist, and our range of rope grabs allow for the controlled ascent and descent of a fixed rope. Reliable, strong, and safe equipment is vital, so at Radmore & Tucker we seek to provide only top quality gear.

All our rope grabs are designed to be easy to use whilst providing the highest level of safety, being built to last and tailored to individual needs. For using tools when above the ground, we sell inexpensive but sturdy tool karabiners as well as tool strops and slings.

Assembling a professional rigging kit can take a long time and even experienced arborists occasionally forget one or two components. At Radmore & Tucker we offer pre-made rigging kits which are growing in popularity among professionals in the field. Each rigging kit contains all of the equipment needed for a safe climb. The kit is already assembled, with varying designs depending on the load requirement, and is easily upgraded if needed at a later date.

If you're an entry level climber, then our climbing kits could be the perfect thing to get you started. They contain everything an arborist needs to climb safely and comes with a built-in discount thus ending up much cheaper than if you were to buy the individually priced items. Available in several grades to fit varying requirements and budgets, tree climbing kits are an ideal way to affordably acquire all of the essential equipment in one go.