DMM Triple Attachment Hitch Climber Pulley

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Three attachment points give the Triple Attachment Pulley a wide variety of connection options. A hot forged, rope friendly body is kind on textile equipment, while fairlead flares maintain efficient movement.

Three attachment points for versatile rigging options
Three attachment points allow the Triple Attachment to be rigged in a wide variety of ways, including off centre hanging to reduce wear on ropes.

Fairlead flares increase efficiency
The pulleys side plates are angled away from the sheave, giving a reduced bend radius and increasing efficiency if the ropes run over them.

Hot forged body reduces wear on ropes
The pulley body is hot forged to reduce the number of edges on the pulley. This reduces the amount of wear ropes experience when they run over the pulley body.

Stainless steel spindles for corrosion resistance
Stainless steel spindles increase pulley lifespan by resisting corrosion.

Rope friendly attachment points gives versatile connection options
All attachment points are curved, allowing safe connection with splices and knots as well as carabiners.

Bearings for efficient movement
Bearings are more efficient than bushings, reducing friction and making movement and control of loads easier



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