Husqvarna Garden Tractors & Riders

At Radmore & Tucker, we are proud to be one of the largest distributors of the powerful Husqvarna tractors and ride-on mowers (Riders) in the UK. In our online shop and showroom, we offer such a large selection, you are certain to find the equipment that meets all of your requirements – and that of your lawn and garden!

Not certain whether you need a garden tractor or a ride-on mower? Both types of Husqvarna machines offer very tight turning, and can cope with large tracts of land. There are differences, however. For example, all Husqvarna Riders include mulching cutting decks for naturally fertilising your lawn. However, the mulching technology is just one of three selections for operating your Husqvarna tractor. The tractor can perform collecting, side ejection, and mulching.

Husqvarna garden machinery can manoeuvre in very tight circles. The cutting decks of ride-on mowers are positioned very low, at the front of the machine. This lets you easily mow under bushes growing close to the ground or around tree trunks. These mowers can turn on their own axes! Sitting high up, you are given an excellent view of what you are doing. Although the cutting decks of garden tractors are built in the centre of the machine, the special steering technology of these versatile tractors provides amazingly tight turns of the wheel.

Some believe that the gardening season in the UK runs from March till November, with most gardening machinery sitting under lock and key at other times. Most avid gardeners realise, however, that this is a misconception. There is much to do during the winter months, and Husqvarna tractors can continue to serve you well with its year-round attachments and accessories, such as trailers and snow blades. If you’re really going to put your tractor into hibernation for the winter, do consider purchasing a Husqvarna tractor cover from Radmore & Tucker.

Your purchasing decision will, of course, be based on your requirements. Radmore & Tucker has a Husqvarna machine for you. Consider the size of your land, the number and widths of your pathways, and the shape of your terrain, before you decide on the size of your machine. With so many fine choices, it may be difficult to make a decision! If this is the case, please don’t hesitate to contact our experienced Sales team. At Radmore & Tucker, we are more than happy to help you with your garden machinery purchasing decisions.

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