Husqvarna PPE & Clothing

When working in dangerous environments and with moving parts such as chainsaws, it is essential to ensure that you are protected from likely injuries from the tools or environment. Husqvarna range of personal protective equipment and clothing ensures that you are not only safe but also comfortable so that you are able to complete your task as fast as possible.

All Husqvarna PPE and clothing is tested on harsh environments and proven to work as desired. Husqvarna is a manufacturer of many powered work tools that knows what clothing is needed to work with these tools.

If you are working in an area where there is a risk of falling items such as branches or rocks, it is vital to keep the head protected. Husqvarna offers a number of protective helmets for various uses for both domestic and professional use. It has functional helmets with built-in add-ons, depending on the kind of work you are handling. Such add-ons include visors to protect you from flying projectiles and hearing protection when working with tools such as power saws.

Your feet need to be protected against injury from falling items, water and sharp objects in your work area. There are a variety of work boots with built-in protection from accidental saw slips, a hard outer sole and features that are impermeable to water. Besides, they are lightweight, comfortable and can be worn for a whole day without causing sore feet.

Gloves ensure that you do not injure your hands when handling heavy items and those with sharp edges. They also enhance your grip on the powered working tools. There is a wide variety of simple gardening gloves to heavy duty gloves for working with such tools as chainsaws, mowers, drills and other hand tools.

Ear protection is a requisite when working with noisy and vibrating equipment such as chainsaws, drills, metal cutting equipment and welding. We have a wide range of hearing protection gear, depending on your preference. Each comes with padded headbands. You can also go for ones with visors, microphones and an FM radio to keep you entertained while you work. As for the eyes, you can go with a variety of visors, goggles and other protective eye-wear to keep away dust and debris.

There is a variety of functional trousers and jackets that are made to protect you from the danger of the work environment. It is made of high quality material that is durable and flexible to enable you to move about with ease. You can also pick the flame retardant chaps if you work with a risk of fire. This clothing range is an excellent choice for your daily work.

If you are not sure what PPE item works for you, please contact a member or the sales team personnel and they will be ready to help.

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