Husqvarna Automowers

Wanting to mow the lawn but so many other things to do at the same time? If only that mower could run itself! With a Husqvarna auto mower you can find just that. Why spend hours guiding your mower over your entire lawn when you can relax in a deckchair and watch while sophisticated robotics do a great job for you? Or better still, let the mower do its work while you attend to other jobs you’ve been putting off and have your entire garden looking great in a fraction of the time.

At Radmore and Tucker, we understand how important it is to buy a product you can trust at a price you can afford. Robotic lawn mowers have seen huge developments in recent years and there is now a fantastic range available to suit all budgets. More importantly, our experienced staff can help you navigate through the different products to find the best auto mower for you.

Husqvarna products are known for their quality and innovative design and their range of robotic mowers are no different. You need never worry about the weather again as Husqvarna auto mowers can be used in rain or shine for a perfect finish every time. More importantly, you needn’t worry about offending the neighbours as Husqvarna mowers have low sound levels, ensuring you can work in the garden at all hours without disturbing the peace. Furthermore, the auto mower trims your entire lawn to perfection, quietly and automatically without any heavy lifting or effort from you.

Sloping garden or difficult terrain? You need never struggle to pull a heavy lawn mower up a grassy hill again. The Husqvarna auto mower is designed to cope with any type of ground and can even work around obstacles such as garden ornaments or fallen fruit. Designed to work in a random pattern, the mower ensures it covers every part of your lawn with no missed tufts and makes sure your lawn looks professional with no heavy work from you.

You don’t even have to be there for your auto lawn mower to get to work. Some models can be linked to a smartphone app meaning you can start and control your mower even when you are away from home. Regular use will also leave your lawn looking healthier as very short clippings can be allowed to fall to the ground to mulch and fertilise your lawn, saving you money on lawn treatments and saving you time and effort emptying sacks of grass clippings.

For more information and to find the product that best fits your needs, contact our friendly sales team who are always available for help and support.

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