Husqvarna Hearing Protection with Headband

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Hearing protection is one of the most important safety devices for people who work with noisy equipment or in constantly noisy environments. All too often, hearing protection is overlooked because damage to the ears is seldom noticed straightaway and health and safety regulation is sometimes dismissed as unnecessary. Hearing damage can sometimes take years to notice.

The Husqvarna Hearing Protection with Headband is made of hard wearing plastic construction, with a practical matt black finish to the headband and ear covers, which feature a narrow orange band piped around each ear piece. Should it be necessary, a face visor can be attached for added protection if working in places where debris could cause injury to the face or eyes of the wearer (not included). The hearing protection is designed for use with intermittent light machinery, such as garden machinery (lawn mowers, leaf blowers etc) and is not recommended for noise-heavy industries such as working around aircraft engines, heavy machinery and factories where the noise level is high and constant. For high-noise industries, specialist hearing protectors, in conjunction with ear plugs, should be used: consult your safety manual if unsure. Husqvarna Hearing Protection with Headband will reduce noise by about 25 decibels.

These ear defenders are mounted on a simple adjustable headband, which can be fitted to most head shapes and sizes. The ear pieces fit snugly over the whole ear, ensuring that noise levels are kept down while the headband can be adjusted by as much as 20% to allow for comfortable fitting to most heads. Ear defenders should be fitted firmly to the head to ensure that as much of the noise is blocked as possible. The polyurethane inserts enhance both the comfort and the noise deadening effect making the hearing protector even sturdier to ensure the good fit that is required without losing any comfort.

The Husqvarna Hearing Protection with Headband is economically priced but it is ergonomically designed for the wearer’s absolute comfort for hours of use at a time. It is lightweight, weighing just 345 grams.

Padded headband – Yes
Adjustment of pressure – Yes
Flexible headband – Yes
Weight – 0.232 kg


1 review for Husqvarna Hearing Protection with Headband

  1. Bex (verified owner)

    Excellent quality. Really comfy to wear. It will fit with/on most visors if you’re using for strimming. Can’t hear someone stood next to me. So really pleased, would recommend!

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