Husqvarna Chain Oil 1 Litre

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With very many years of passion and innovation, Husqvarna has produced another quality product that will suit your lubrication needs, the Husqvarna Chain Oil 1 Litre! This chain saw oil provides professionals with high performance and excellent usability as it includes everything that your chainsaw requires. It is the best choice overall. The oil will help you carry out your chainsaw maintenance effectively and effortlessly. Unlike other chain oils, this oil has many benefits. Take a look!

Best for Quality

One of the top reasons why you should use Husqvarna chain oil is because of its quality. This chainsaw oil has been tested to a very high standard.

Best for Performance and Service

Husqvarna Chain Oil is an excellent agent for chainsaws that require high performance. Extremely low wear of rails and chains will be guaranteed thanks to the additives used in the manufacturing of the product. These additives improve the lubrication effect.

Best for Extreme Weather conditions

Whether it is summer or winter, Husqvarna Chain Oil has a viscosity that facilitates its use in any temperature, even extreme ones.

Best for Compatibility

Unlike some other chainsaw oils, Husqvarna Chain Oil 1 Litre is suitable for all types of chainsaws.

Best for Durability

This oil product works well with your chainsaw and extends its lifespan by protecting it from wear from friction and heat.

Best in Reducing Throw-off

It is a first-class oil designed to reduce throw-offs at high speed.


A chainsaw’s best friend is chainsaw oil as it helps the tool to perform at its best. To get an oil lubrication product that combines affordability, quality, excellent performance and compatibility, Husqvarna Chain Oil 1 Litre is the way to go! Try it out today to experience the benefits.



1 Litre

2 reviews for Husqvarna Chain Oil 1 Litre

  1. Paul Turner (verified owner)

    Great oil,good price perfect for my chainsaw.

  2. Colin Barratt (verified owner)

    Branded oil at a very competitive price!

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