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Husqvarna Wooden Small Splitting Axe

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The Husqvarna Wooden Small Splitting Axe is the right equipment for getting your firewood into a ready-to-burn state. It’s an essential tool for splitting and chopping firewood, designed to render fire-making easy and straightforward.

The Husqvarna small wooden splitting axe

This small axe is designed for the specific task of splitting logs and getting your firewood down to a suitable size to sit comfortably in your fireplace. This handy and practical axe is perfect for splitting lighter firewood. It splits the log into two or more parts, and the firewood is immediately ready for stacking or, if it is seasoned wood, for going straight onto the fire. The specially designed axe head cleaves gently and easily into the wood, making precision log-splitting a simple task. Minimal force is required, the wood splits instantly and cleanly. The axe is light and easy to handle. Its small size makes it suitable for one-hand use, leaving the other hand free to hold and steady the log when necessary.

Technical details

The Husqvarna small wooden splitting axe is, as its name implies, small, and consequently, lightweight. It measures just twenty inches in length and weighs in at 1.322kg of which 900g is the weight of the hand-forged axe-head made of Swedish steel. The robust wooden handle is made of attractive hickory wood. Two strong wedges, one in wood and one in steel, assure the solid fastening of head to handle. The axe comes complete with a leather edge-cover for the blade of the axe-head.


Although the Husqvarna small wooden splitting axe is specially designed for splitting firewood, it can be used for other purposes where a light, one-hand-grip, precision axe is needed. It also has a place amongst essential garden tools: it is useful for cutting back hedges or lopping off small branches of trees. It is a handy, reliable tool to have in your tool-box.

Length 50cm
Wooden Handle

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2 reviews for Husqvarna Wooden Small Splitting Axe

  1. Buster Gonads

    Arrived quickly through DPD.
    A quality product ?

  2. Juan Kerr

    Absolutely superb service. Axe better than expected and next day delivery. Thank you :)

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